Educate, motivate, and create relationships — these are three goals make up our basic philosophy.



Who We Are

We are a major southeast promotional products rep group, based in the Atlanta area, the nucleus of the growing southeast market. Our outside sales force includes Doug Terry and Bill McDonald, both very experienced rep veterans in the southeast market. Ken Terry, founder of TerryTorry Marketing, continues to play a vital role as a consultant and as a participant in regional and end user shows. The combination Bill and Doug, as well as Ken brings together 70 plus years of sales experience to the southeast promotional market.

Our marketing plan has been to merge two successful and established rep groups, TerryTorry Marketing and McDonald Marketing Group, into one larger, more focused and intense rep group that sets the standard for our competition. We feel our organizational structure, sales intensity and work ethic will be unsurpassed in the southeast. The result is that your company will experience maximum growth under our rep system, both short and long-term.

Our combined efforts consist of sales calls, exposure at all regional and national trade shows, traveling tabletop shows, participation in hotel suite show presentations, select end user shows, email marketing and social media. Doug and Bill split our southeast sales coverage geographically by state, as well as by key market segments, which offers our suppliers more intense coverage of all key markets and the ability to intensify sales efforts within each market. Ken adds additional outside sales support with key accounts, as well as participation in key southeast shows.


A number of years ago, our very own Ken Terry coined a phrase that we, as a group, continue to use today to describe what we offer for the suppliers we represent. In Ken’s words, "We Educate, Motivate, and Create Loyalties". This has become the foundation and approach of our company sales philosophy. Regardless of whether we are on a sales call, at a trade show, on a phone call, e-mail, marketing through our newsletter, using Constant Contact or social media, our philosophy remains consistent. We anchor our business on relationships.

In addition, our inside support consisting of Jennifer Terry and Lynn McDonald offers both customer service and inside sales benefiting our distributor clients and the suppliers we represent. Jennifer is a key customer service contact for distributors looking for ideas, virtual specs, quotes and program pricing. Essentially she acts as a liaison between distributors we call on and the suppliers we represent. She is constantly accessible, while Doug, Bill and Ken are on the road, which in itself is an additional advantage we offer.

McDonald Terry Group represents our suppliers in the following states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Puerto Rico.

Thank you again for considering McDonald Terry Group for representation in the southeast. We look forward to hearing from you!


Doug and BillyMac